The monthly web site traffic feature is sometimes known as information transfer or bandwidth as well, yet all of the abovementioned terms apply to the very same thing - what amount of info can be transferred to and from a cloud hosting account. The site traffic can be produced in just two ways, the more visible one being web site visits. If somebody goes to your website, their web browser requests and downloads the pages from your web hosting server and then displays them on their end. The more site visitors you have, the more outgoing traffic is generated from your website hosting account. Since this characteristic contains the entire web site traffic, not just the website visits, you shouldn't forget that incoming traffic is measured too. Which means that web site content and other files that you upload to the account with a file manager or an FTP program are measured towards your account allowance. The transfer is typically monitored every month and the counter resets on the very first day of each month irrespective of your actual date of registration.

Monthly Traffic in Cloud Hosting

The monthly site traffic allowance for our cloud hosting packages is enough for every website. Whether you have a personal blog, a discussion forum or E-commerce portal, the amount of information can be transferred to and from your account or getting to some reduced allowance cap won't be a cause for your websites to be unavailable. In addition, we supply you with elaborate web site traffic stats, so you will be able to keep track of what amount of data is being downloaded at any time. The hourly, daily and monthly statistics will give you an idea how the websites are performing, which files generate most of the website traffic as well as much more important info to help you control the websites along with the account altogether. The statistics can be accessed with just a couple of clicks from your Hepsia hosting Control Panel.