Some time ago, the cPanel Control Panel appeared to be an undisputed front runner on the website hosting market. Its popularity grew so large that nowadays cPanel is a synonym of Control Panel. Nonetheless, the cPanel Control Panel is created on outdated concepts and what worked great eight years ago isn’t valid at present.

That is why, we developed the The Sales Builder Control Panel, designed around the ideas of today and geared up for the tests of the foreseeable future. It’s been built to work in the cloud, to always be straightforward and to help you control all aspects of your web presence: site, domain name and billing, all from a single place.

1. Domain name/billing/web site settings

The The Sales Builder Control Panel allows you to effortlessly command all your domains, mailboxes and websites with simply a mouse click. By doing this, it will be easy to handle every aspect of your web presence within one place.

With the cPanel Control Panel, you’ll need to log into 2 separate website management interfaces – a billing panel from where you take care of domain names and billing and the cPanel Control Panel from where you maintain your sites.

2. File Arrangement

Using the The Sales Builder Control Panel, each domain name and subdomain will have its directory in the main website hosting account directory. That way, all websites will be independent from each other.

Using the cPanel Control Panel, you will have just one hosting account for your main web site and if you want to get extra sites in the same website hosting account, they’re going to be added as subfolders of your primary website. This can make controlling various sites really difficult.

3. File Manager

The The Sales Builder File Manager is made to work exactly like your PC file explorer. With capabilities like drag and drop file uploads, right click navigation menus, archive/extract functions, and so on., it will make managing your files quick and easy. In addition, you’ll find a builtin WYSIWYG interface in addition to a back–end code editor.

The File Manager of cPanel is sluggish and limited in functions. Submitting a lot of data files needs a lot of time and and won’t offer drag & drop support. The included unarchiver is unreliable and the file managing tools will offer you just general controls. There isn’t instant access to the available file managing capabilities.

4. No–fee Bonuses

Using the The Sales Builder Control Panel, you you’ll get a good deal of no–charge add–ons created by us. They’re included at zero cost with each hosting service, which uses our Control Panel. With each plan, you can employ tools like the Instant Site Installer, the Web Apps, the PHP Framework Installer, the Cost Free Web Site Creating Application, a collection of Advanced Instruments, and a lot more.

Each hosting supplier providing cPanel decides on its own exactly what no–cost bonus features to to use in your web hosting plan. And since cPanel is a licensed Control Panel, the free–of–cost bonuses should also be paid by the website hosting company. This will for sure affect the price of your web hosting plan, so the no–charge add–ons included in your service will in reality be paid for.

5. Control Panel Performance Speeds

The The Sales Builder Control Panel runs on our in–house built cloud services. It is enhanced to operate on our setup of equipment components and to function using our selection of software tools. This will make it run much faster compared with almost any other Control Panel tool on the market. And it is more secure too.

cPanel continues to be functioning on a system from 2000’s and will truly be slow from time to time. The cPanel team has carried out an important step with the roll–out of cPanel accelerated. Nevertheless, in comparison tests, standard website management procedures often indicate much better outcomes with other Control Panels.

6. Multi–domain Control

Using the The Sales Builder Control Panel, you are able to control many different domain names and sites from a single place. Switching between domain management and website management is completed just by moving to another area of the Control Panel. It is not necessary to sign into a separate web address to control your web site.

The cPanel Control Panel keeps different elements separated – you will need to maintain your domain names from 1 location and your sites from a separate one. Each individual website has its own Control Panel. Managing different websites within one Control Panel is also possible, but could also be rather puzzling simply because virtually all extra domains will be stored in the directory of the main domain name.

7. Control Panel Navigation

The The Sales Builder Control Panel is absolutely straightforward to browse through. You will have a handy top navigation bar, from where you may get to any area of the Control Panel, with no need to return to the main page every time. In addition, we have designed a simple statistics module on the home page, so each time you log in, you’ll have an overview of how many site visitors have recently arrived at your web site.

On the cPanel homepage, you will find icons to all sections of the Control Panel. Consequently, even though you never work with a tool, you’ll still view it on the home page. Additionally, to switch between sections, you have to get back to the main page and afterwards head to another section.

8. Test Accounts

The The Sales Builder Control Panel features an all–inclusive demo cloud hosting account. All sections are active for you and you can use them to create brand–new mailboxes and databases, handle your files, and so on. If you enjoy exactly how things stand, iyou’re able to sign up right from our demo interface.

The cPanel Control Panel demo is in fact a screenshot of what’s inside the main menu. Almost every capability that’s featured there is disabled. This way, when you enroll, you will have no idea how the included instruments and functions of the Control Panel in fact operate.

We can number every single feature of our Web Site Control Panel here and compare it with the cPanel Control Panel. Nonetheless, it will be a lot quicker if you just take a quick look at our live demo account to see the visible difference on your own.

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